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Saipan, being the largest among the Northern Mariana Islands situated in the Western Pacific, boasts a breathtaking setting, encircled by the majestic and crystal clear blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Its reputation primarily stems from its unspoiled tropical beaches, rendering it an idyllic and enchanting destination for water enthusiasts and snorkeling aficionados.

The Ocean, a source of immense significance, has played a pivotal role in shaping our planet and sustaining life itself. This significance is particularly profound in Saipan, where the pristine coexistence of nature and the ocean stands as a testament to the untamed beauty of the region, largely undisturbed by human intervention. At GMJS, we hold the ocean of Saipan in the highest regard and are dedicated to raising awareness about the critical importance of sustainability.

Our utmost commitment lies in preserving the unspoiled magnificence of Saipan's pristine beaches, ensuring their timeless allure remains intact for generations to relish.

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Pacific Ocean and natural habitants of Saipan are important.

We at GMJS, serving our customers on their needs and giving back to the communities are our core philosophy. Saipan and Northern Marianas are where we humbly started in 2007 and we do not forget where we started. 
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